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The process of producing a Mastitis Pattern Analysis report, as used in the QuarterPRO approach to mastitis control, has been updated and streamlined. Instead of needing two pieces of software ( the cdl converter and separate Pattern Analysis Tool) , a report can be automatically generated from a farmer's milk recording.

This has been made possible through a collaboration between QMMS Ltd and the University of Nottingham to improve the predictions, followed by funding from the BBSRC/AHDB Catalysing Partnerships initiative to set up an automated data transfer pipeline between milk recording organisations and a cloud-based analysis platform. The cloud-based platform is hosted within the new “REMEDY” infrastructure being built as part of a larger InnovateUK project.

Farmers can register to access the new service at Their Milk Recording Organisation will then check permissions with them and put an automated data pipeline in place for their data. The pattern analysis reports will be received by email, and generated after each milk recording.

More details on the development of the algorithms used in the new tool can be found in the paper by Hyde et al, 2020: Automated prediction of mastitis infection patterns in dairy herds using machine learning) available at




The Mastitis Control Plan principles have been used as the basis of the AHDB initiative QuarterPRO, which encourages regular monitoring of udder health, and provides tools and resources for farmers and their advisers to achieve this.

Tools freely available for use in the QuarterPRO approach to mastitis control can be accessed from the links below.

A simple cost calculator is available to download, which gives an indication of the direct and indirect costs of mastitis in a herd, based on some simple input information.

Full instructions are available within the calculator.


The Mastitis Pattern Analysis Tool is central to the QuarterPRO process.  Download the Pattern Analysis Tool New Version 2.1  and Instructions for using the Pattern Analysis Tool.

 Version 2.1 includes the facility to enter a farm ID on a report, and to print a report with 3 pages, one from each of the Pattern Tool Screens.

A free converter tool is available to extract the data necessary to run the Mastitis Pattern Analysis tool, from a cdl file (Common Data Layer file) created by a Milk Recording Organisation. The data is extracted into a .csv file ready to read into the Pattern Analysis Tool. This tool was developed and made available by SUM-IT Computing and QMMS Ltd

The tool can be downloaded by following this link to the SUM-IT website  (you may need to right click and open the link in a new window). An explanatory video is available at (scroll down the page to find it).

Instructions for installation of the cdl converter and instructions for use of the cdl converter are available.

Users of TotalVet can create the same file by following these instructions for creating Mastitis Pattern Tool input csv in Total Vet (no need for the converter tool in this case).

 If you have any queries, please ring Katharine Leach on 01749 871171