Welcome to the Plan User area of the DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan website, part of a national mastitis initiative developed by veterinary surgeons and supported by DairyCo.

If you are a veterinary surgeon or farm consultant that has registered your details and attended the DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan training courses, you can log in to this website to receive up to date information and gain access to full cost calculators and other materials such as decision support tools, the interactive discussion forum and a document library. All you need is your deliverer name and password to hand.

The document library contains the DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan as a series of PDF downloads, allowing future updates to be inserted into your folder. The full function cost calculator allows an in-depth iteration of mastitis costs as well as allowing Plan deliverers to visualise the likely impact of implemented recommendations on the current cost of udder health in Plan herds.

Finally, the discussion forum allows registered Plan deliverers to post questions and share experiences with the DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan authors with the aim of encouraging a collaborative approach with other Plan deliverers for the benefit of the UK dairy industry.
For more information about The DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan, including how to become a Plan Deliverer please e-mail   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or ring 024 7647 8697.